2.1 What is Risk?


What we do as an organisation

We promote sustainable commuting and have a sustainable travel policy to help us minimise our impact by challenging the need to travel.

Where travel is essential staff are encouraged to car share or travel by train. Staff are also encouraged to avoid travel when possible, using video or audio conferencing as an alternative.

We maintain a small fleet of fuel efficient “pool” cars and staff are encouraged to use these vehicles when travel is essential and it is recommended that staff drive these vehicles in ‘Eco’ mode.

The total number of business miles travelled in these vehicles throughout 2019 equated to 48,586; these are miles that would likely have been travelled in staffs’ personal and less efficient vehicles.

This fleet will be migrated to all electric vehicles as the opportunity to replace vehicles arises. 

We operate a ‘cycle to work scheme’ and if a staff member undertakes business miles on their bicycle there is the opportunity to claim mileage; further promoting green travel.

What you can do as an individual


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