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What we do as an organisation

We supply high quality marine fuels at all of our marina fuel bays. Our fuel is sourced from a single supplier with deliveries arranged so as to minimise delivery miles.

Soltron®, a natural microbiological fuel technology created from a mix of organic enzymes, is added to all our marine diesel.

We continue to explore opportunities for carbon offset, higher biological fuel content and even fuels based on totally renewable resources.

From September 2021, the standard petrol used in the UK changed from E5 (95 octane) to E10 and we are now accepting E10 deliveries to all of the petrol fuel bays across our marinas.

The new E10 petrol will be referred to as ‘Unleaded’ petrol and is indicated with new signage on each of the fuel berths. If you have any concerns please consult your engine manufacturer to assess any implications for your particular engine.

Please click here to read our full statement.

To prevent fuel spillages, our staff are appropriately trained to dispense fuel safely. Our fuel systems are subject to regular maintenance and testing regimes to ensure that the system remains fit for purpose.

To deal with the potential for accidental fuel spillages, each marina is equipped with an incident response plan and spill kits with staff being appropriately trained to deal with these incidents.

We are also contracted to utilise the services of an external spill response unit in order to deal with any major spills that may occur.

What you can do as an individual

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