2.3 What are the most Common Risks at Premier Marina?


What we do as an organisation

Water is an important natural resource so we try to use as little as possible across our nine marinas. We monitor water supplied against consumption at each site and encourage good practice for all those using water within the marinas and boatyards.

We encourage all site users to manage their water consumption carefully. We require that all berth holders supply their own hoses that are fitted with trigger guns to prevent water being wasted. These trigger guns are supplied by us to our berth holders.

Hoses are stowed when not in use to prevent unauthorised access thus reducing the risk of Legionella and cross contamination.

All water supplies are installed with the appropriate check valves to prevent back siphonage and possible water supply contamination.

Our marina ablution facilities include features such as dual flush toilets, water saving cisterns and aerators fitted to taps; all contributing to reduced water consumption.

Our laundry equipment is regularly checked and maintained to ensure maximum efficiency and we upgrade equipment as required.

We are also looking at metering supplies in varying locations around the marinas in order to identify high usage areas with a view to determining what can be done to reduce usage and  waste with view to metering usage where deemed necessary.

What you can do as an individual


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