2.2 The Role of our Risk Assessments


What we do as an organisation

We are committed to running operations as efficiently as possible, ensuring we minimise energy use without negatively affecting our business. In addition, we have a responsibility to ensure that berth holders, tenants and other site users are efficient in their energy use.

A key strategy to reducing our overall energy consumption has been our investment in solar power generation, with seven of our nine sites having solar PV systems.

In 2019 these systems generated a total of 294,972 kWh of electricity, representing 3.8 % of our total electricity consumption and 37.7% of Premier ‘business activities’ electricity consumption.

In 2019 our investment in solar has yielded an annual CO2 reduction of 209 metric tons.  

Solar Power

We have invested in technology to enable our berth holders to manage their electricity on line, giving them better understanding of their consumption and the ability to top up on-line.  We have also invested in a range of energy saving devices, such as LED lighting and PIR controlled lighting, which contribute to substantial reductions in electricity consumption. 

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