6. Customer Communications & Key Dates


Customers will be given all the details of all/any eligible rewards when they receive their renewal invitation from CRM

You can also view both customer’s current number of years and any new and existing boatyard credits in CRM – this information will be updated in near real-time
Additional wider promotion to existing customers and prospects will also commence nearer to 1st Jan, ahead of the key April renewal period

1st October – Remaining 2% of this years’ price increase applied, applicable to contracts starting on or after 1st January
14th October – Changes to website, app, Havenstar and CRM are all published concurrently for new scheme
15th October – APA contracts starting 1st January, invitations are generated and sent including new loyalty information
31st December – Last renewals on existing scheme should have been processed by this point
1st Jan – Confirmed eligible APA & APM contracts will start, the relevant Boatyard Reward applied, and customer begins accruing another year

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