4.1 Our Emergency Protocols – What is our Emergency Protocol?


Over the next sections we will cover everything you need to know in relation to our Emergency Response and Protocols.

We will cover:

  • What is our Emergency Protocol
  • What should you do in event of an emergency environmental incident
  • What is the Recovery Phase
  • Why Environmental incidents can happen
  • When Environmental Incidents Happen
  • Key roles

What is our Emergency Protocol?

An Environmental Incident can occur at any one of our marinas due to varying aspects both within and outside our marinas resulting in a significant negative impact upon the immediate and far reaching environment.

The most significant environmental incidents that are possible at PMG will likely come in the form of oil or fuel spills resulting from a failure of equipment, boat collision or boat sinking.

Another significant event resulting in environmental damage will likely be as a result of fire in the surrounding property or potentially at a ‘dry stack’.

There is much scope for fire-fighting ‘run off’ to flow into the watercourse.

When should this be activated?


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