5. Managers Discretion & Other Discount Changes


Marina managers are able to retrospectively restore and apply a loyalty reward up to 14 days after contract start date. This should only be used in exceptional circumstances

Marina Managers will be able to increase the number of years in CRM, where a customer has been with us longer than the automatic counter suggests.

Primarily this should only be used to correct historic mis-administration e.g. their current boat was not correctly linked to a previous master-account.

Any other uses of this function should be discussed with Andy Mills prior to application

The discounts, adjustments and other charges buttons on contracts in Havenstar will shortly be password protected

There will be a new 360 finance workflow to request any other discretionary discounts or adjustments.

These will follow an approval process
If approved, these will be applied to the contract by the finance team
As has always been the case, once a contract has been adjusted, it will not be possible to pay for it online

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