4.2.8 – Bringing learning to life

Bringing learning to life

Concrete Experience Do it

Concrete experience describes the hands-on personal experiences that we learn from.

It’s where we try new things, get stuck in and step out of our comfort zone.

These experiences could be anything in our personal or professional lives… trying a new recipe, performing a daily task at work or simply missing a tpyo (well spotted!).

Through experience, we can learn from our successes and failures. It’s what happens next that creates real behavior change!

Active Experimentation Formulate a hypothesis

The active experimentation phase of the learning cycle is where we get to experiment with our ideas.

It’s time to put your plan of action to the test in the real world! After all, if we don’t try something we won’t know if it works.

Whatever you’re seeking to master, however lofty or detailed your plans, at some point you have to put away the textbooks and do it for real. However, many times you have to go back to the drawing board, the success is worth it!

Reflective Observation Analyze the experience

We need to reflect to successfully learn from our experiences.

This is what the ‘reflective observation’ phase of the experiential learning cycle is all about.

It’s during this stage that we consider and ponder experiences. What went right and what could be improved?

It’s also a chance to observe how it could have been done differently and to learn from others. So, this is a stage of analysis, observing alternatives and drawing up pros and cons. Whatever works for you!

Why did you burn the cakes? Where was the typo? Who is top of the leaderboard & why?

Abstract Conceptualisation Connect the ideas

Once we have identified and we understand the defining characteristics of an experience, we can decide what we will do differently next time, if anything.

This is a time for planning and brainstorming strategies for success. This could be practising that challenging task at work when you have some spare time. Through experiential learning, you’ll be top of the leader board in no time!

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