4.7.2 – M A G I C


Bringing the magic

  1. Reflection on learning from online training.
  2. What is their 1 way they intend to bring the magic during the season?

Working at CHP

  1. Check they have understood policies and procedures and completed relevant pay information documents.
  2. LM to talk through opportunities at CHP
  3. Knowing your KPIs and targets


  1. How we communicate
  2. Reflection on onboarding program body language section

Engaging Guests

  1. Questions to engage guests
  2. Role play between employees
  3. Observation & feedback from LM
  4. Conflict resolution/Problem>

Taking Great Photos

  1. Practical training on set with the camera equipment.
  2. LMs to use the training materials provided for taking great photos

Creating magical guest experiences

  1. What makes a magical experience? Discussion and reflection on their own
  2. Roleplay around different guest needs and how to ‘bring the magic’ for this guest

Creating guest ambassadors

  1. Customer feedback – good and bad and the impact Sales Associates to say what simple thing they can do to make the guest experience magical
  2. Dealing with guest challenges & objections

Package A

  1. Knowing the KPIs
  2. Understanding the value and benefits of Package A for guests
  3. Dealing with sales objections

Top then Stop

  1. Role play sales with colleagues.
  2. LM to give feedback on employee implementation of the ACTION & GUEST steps

Identify the Upsells

  1. How to successfully upsell. Utilising the ACTIONS and GUEST steps
  2. Role play with colleagues/ LM

Connecting with our guests

  1. Reflection on the onboarding connection section
  2. Customer Service on set/guest service/refunds

Connecting with your team
Team building activity conducted by the LM on set to set the expectations of team working for the season
Connecting with our Stakeholders

  1. Who are our set partners?
  2. What role do they play?
  3. How do we communicate successfully with them?

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