1.3.2 – What is authentic leadership?

1.2 – What is authentic leadership?

Passion & Purpose

Authentic leaders have a sense of purpose, knowing what they are about and where they are headed.  This purpose manifests itself as passion.
Passionate people are interested in what they are doing, are inspired and motivated and care about the work they do.

Values & Behaviors

Authentic leaders have values. Know what those values are and do not compromise on those values.  These values manifest in behaviors in that Authentic Leaders act in a way which demonstrates their values.

Relationships & Connections

Relationships & Connections

Authentic leaders build relationships with their team members and have a sense of connection.  They talk about the personal and professional and are open about the work which being undertaken, and changes and why changes are happening.

Self-Discipline & Consistency

Authentic leaders are self-disciplined in that they are cool, calm, organized and able to commit to goals, keeping going no matter the setbacks.

They treat their team fairly and apply all policies and procedures to ALL Team members, including themselves.

Compassion & Heart


Authentic leaders have heart which is demonstrated in their compassion.  They genuinely care for their team members and will check-in with them on a team and individual level.

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