1.1.4 – Importance of Culture

1.1 – Importance of Culture

Company culture can make or break a company and that starts with you as Location Managers, and has to be a focus at every stage of the business, from values based recruitment through to the behaviors you demonstrate on a daily basis, through to how you reward and recognize the good work of your team.

As a Manager you will demonstrate and bring to life the best of CHP.

So, what exactly is culture?  

Culture = Values x Behavior

“Company culture is the combination of people, vision and values that ultimately defines the atmosphere in the workplace and shapes how much you enjoy coming into work.”

Adam Mendler

“Values are verbs, not nouns. In order to build the culture we envision, we have to enact our values in how we show up every single day. Our values are not aspirational, they are who we are when we are at our natural best.”

Simon Sinek

Find out more by watching the video below.


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