3d – The Premier Berth Holder Experience

We expect all staff to demonstrate and uphold our ten commitments, whether you are in a customer-facing role or not.

You will be learning more about our Berth Holder Commitments as part of the Premier Way but please review the commitments and ensure you are fully familiar with them

The 10 Commitments: One-by-one​

Commitment 1

Within three metres of a customer, we will: Smile, Make eye contact, Say hello

With our customer-centred approach, it is vital we put customers at ease and maintain a professional welcome.

Commitment 2

Premier staff are proud to wear their uniforms.

Our professional appearance is important to us as a business. 


Commitment 3

We do all we can to make our customers’ time with us safe, enjoyable and hassle free.

The focus on customer satisfaction and customer service runs through everything we do.

Commitment 4

We promise to treat our customers’ boats as though they were our own.

As a leading marina business we ensure our clients’ boats are protected throughout all our activities.

Commitment 5

If we get it wrong we say so and try to put it right.

Trusting each other is the basis for providing customer service which in turn builds trust with everyone who uses our marinas.

Commitment 6

We offer every new berth holder an induction to the marina.

Just as every new member of staff receives an induction, so every berth holder is given an explanation of our services and overview of what we will deliver.

We explain how every member of staff can contribute.

Commitment 7

Cleanliness on our marinas is paramount – we are all responsible.

Although the reasons why cleanliness are important will be obvious, it is important that every member of staff understands they have a role to play to maintain standards.

We help you understand how you can enforce our standards.

Commitment 8

Maintenance – If you can see an issue it is urgent – get it fixed!

Given the environment in which all staff operate, maintenance and repairs are vital to ensure the smooth running of services and safety.

We instil in every member of staff a positive approach to rectifying issues, as we will explain.

Commitment 9

What our berth holders tell us is important – we invite feedback.

Premier Marinas expects two-way interactions with customers from the moment they come on board with us.

We will outline how we gather customer feedback, how you can play your part and how it shapes our business.

Commitment 10

If a berth holder leaves Premier we try to understand why.

It is always sad to see a customer move on but we try to learn from their exit so we can build a better business for the approach, as we explain.

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