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Above is an overview of the Premier Marinas products. Take the time to familiarise with the products we offer and the impact each one has upon Premier’s annual revenues.


Our marina and boatyard operations are the primary sources of all of Premier’s revenues, (approximately 85% of total revenue).

The next largest revenue stream comes from our real estate holdings (approximately 15%), these are  predominantly occupied by commercial tenants providing marine related products and services.

Remaining marine revenue comes from our Marine insurance scheme, provided by GJW, and fuel, which is provided to our annual berth holders at-cost.

Now we look at each of these products in a bit more detail, beginning with marina berthing:

Marina berthing

Customers can stay in a Premier marina on one three types of agreement, each has a different minimum commitment shown in brackets:

  1. Annual (one year)
  2. Monthly (one month)
  3. Visitor (one night)

Premier Annual

Payment options: Single annual payment in advance or monthly by direct debit

Rewards and Incentives: Loyalty rewards; Online payment; Refer a friend; Broker referral; Mid contract ownership change; Retention offers.

Benefits: 42 free visitor nights at other Premier marinas; seasonal boatyard discounts; fuel at cost; 8 weeks storage ashore; Premier Marine Insurance benefits; Sea Start benefits

Premier Monthly

Payment options: Month-to-month in advance – no annual commitment

Offers: Winter Package (fixed price for October – March)

Benefits: Fuel at cost; Premier Marine Insurance

Premier Visitor

Options: Short stay (up to four hours) or overnight

Offers: Great Escapes, buy seven nights in advance online for the price of five (not on sale in 2021)


Premier also offer a number of other berthing products which are offered on a limited and marina-specific basis. Usually where the marina or surrounding environment already suit that type of berthing.

Berthing Types: Canal berths, pile moorings, trot moorings, dinghy storage; Jet Ski docks; Residential /  Lease berths

Benefits:  Varies – check product manual for full details.


Boatyard services are divided into three main areas:

  1. Lift & Launch
  2. Ashore Services
  3. Storage

Lift & Launch

Example 0ptions:
– Lift, wash and re-launch
– Lift, hold and re-launch
– Lift, wash block/cradle/transport
– Launch from block/cradle/transport

Offers:  Seasonal offers; Loyalty Reward redemption

Ashore services

Example options:
– Yard movement
– Cradle hire
– Mast work
– Plant hire


– Ashore
– Undercover
– Trailer
– Mast
– Dry Stack
– Dry Berthing

Premier Advantage benefit: eight weeks inclusive storage ashore for Annual Berth Holders

Dry Stack (where provided)

Premier Marinas offer dry stacking for sportsboats, powerboats, sportfishers and RIBs. Perfect for boats between 5m and 11m, our annual contracts offer an unlimited lift/launch service.

Premier Annual

Payment options: Single annual payment in advance or monthly by direct debit

Offers: Online payment; Refer a friend; Broker referral; New owner credit; Retention offers.

Benefits: 42 visitor nights; Fuel at cost; Premier Marine Insurance benefits; Full Sea Start Membership

Premier Monthly

Payment options: Month-to-month in advance – no annual commitment

Benefits: Fuel at cost


Although it accounts for less than one per cent of Premier’s revenue, onsite fuel provision is an important part of delivering a complete service offering for customers at every Premier site. 

Premier offer Red Diesel and Petrol at every marina, with the exception of Falmouth, where only Red Diesel is offered. 

Gas bottles are also available at most sites.

Real estate

  • Commercial Tenants: All Marinas
  • Premier Self Store:
    Eastbourne, Gosport, Port Solent, Swanwick
  • Salterns Apartments:
    AST Lets; Short break apartments

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