2.3 TRACK Coaching Questions


As we know, powerful questions are an essential coaching skill.  Those question combinations of ‘what’ and ‘how’ will prove to be great tools in your coaching toolkit.  We have given you a few examples of questions you could ask at each stage of the TRACK coaching model.

What are your targets?
What targets do you need to achieve this hour, today/this week/this month?

Where are you in relation to achieving these targets?
If you haven’t met them HOW many more sales/capture/conversions do you need to meet them?

What actions can you take to achieve these targets?
What are the consequences of these actions (e.g. if you engage 5 more guests, focus on upsell to higher value items etc)

So, what will you do?
When will you do it?
How will you know you are achieving your targets?

What reward and recognition you can expect for smashing your targets?
How will you share your success?

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