It is acceptable business practice for gifts of modest value to be given and received to celebrate achievements, or to celebrate a seasonal festival, or as an incidental part of a business relationship.

At the same time there is an obvious risk that a substantial gift, or a series of small gifts, could be perceived as bribery.

Accordingly you should not give a gift in connection with the company’s business which:

Is in the form of cash, or cash equivalents, such as gift vouchers.

Involves something being promised or offered in return.

The recipient or the giver would not wish to be known to their employers or principals.

Is substantial in value.

Substantial Gifts:

A gift exceeding £100 in value per recipient will always be regarded as substantial, and should not be paid without board level approval.

If you are sent a gift in connection with your employment you should inform your line manager in writing (an e-mail is acceptable).

The company may require gifts to be returned, or for them to be shared.

A ‘Register of Gifts’ is held for each business location and all gifts received should be recorded in the register.

Gifts or tips with a face value, or perceived value of more than £100 need to be entered onto the register.

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