Commitment 9

What our berth holders tell us is important – we invite feedback.

This commitment links to our core values of:

  • Honest and respectful
  • High quality
  • Innovative
  • Empowered
  • Approachable

Feedback from our berth holders and our team members is the way in which we find out how we can make improvements.

We value customer comments, as we shape our journey for everyone who visits our sites.

Premier Marinas proactively wants to compile feedback from customers. Every interaction from customers is an opportunity for us to learn and improve, so we welcome their comments.

Feedback from our Berth holders is gathered in the following ways:

In person / via phone: Some berth holders will give feedback directly to staff. We encourage colleagues to listen to customer concerns, make notes and raise with the duty manager / marina manager. We proactively want to get feedback from customers so we encourage staff to adopt our “open door” approach, whereby visitors feel they can raise concerns with any member of staff and be given the time to share their views.

Inductions: When a customer joins Premier Marinas, we do an induction to explain our services as a whole. This allows for them to comment and give feedback.

As well as offering an induction for all new customers we recommend a follow up after a few weeks to ensure they are settling in ok. After a period of time, we contact them to follow up the induction has gone well.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the inductions continued via the Zoom video conferencing platform. It is fair to say that carrying out inductions has been much harder than in previous years and we will continue to develop online materials to allow berth holders to do much of this themselves.

Surveys: At a group level we send out surveys to our berth holders, who are encouraged to score us on a range of aspects across our services. These scores are used to compile our Net Promoter Score (NPS), which allows us to be compared to benchmarks. Each site has a target for its NPS score, backed up with a group target to be achieved.

Berth holders are contacted half way through their annual contracts to get their NPS scores. If there are any issues they can be identified by Premier Marinas with a view to being resolved for the customers to renew.

fb premier marinas

Social media: Users may leave comments, good or bad, on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Each marina has its own Facebook page, where users can comment: good or bad.

Formal complaints: The formal procedure is available to customers via the Premier Marinas website. Complaints go to each marina in the first instance, either to the manager or the duty manager. If they are not resolved, complaints are taken up by head office.

prem complaints

Mystery shopper visits: Premier Marinas uses a specialist external agency to send in researchers posing as customers, who will then report back on their customer experience. The researchers will take on the role of berth holders to assess the service, which contribute to the NPS score.

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