Commitment 6

We offer every new berth holder an induction to the marina.

The berth induction is a selling point for customers to use our business.

The care and attention we take is one of the aspects of the Premier Marinas experience which makes us special.

This commitment links to our core values of:

  • Approachable
  • High quality

While inducting berth holders may not be your direct responsibility, it is useful to know what this induction involves.

Watch the short video and then record what is important to remember for your role.

Key learning points​​

  • The berth holder induction is a unique selling point for Premier Marinas.
  • It allows Premier to inform customers about processes and services, including how a lock operates.
  • The induction is a vital element of welcoming a new customer, the best version of which is face to face.
  • A friendly telephone call is a good alternative.

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