4.3.3. Accepting payment Copy

Cheque, Debit Card or Bank Payment from a UK Bank Account

Premier’s preferred means of taking payment is by debit card from a UK bank account and wherever possible customers should be encouraged to pay using a debit card.

Payment by credit card (subject to charge), bank transfer, cheque or direct debit (subject to charge) from a UK bank account is also acceptable.

Payments in respect of all property transactions and berthing licences for periods of twelve months or more (i.e. all transactions other than “retail transactions”) must be made from a recognised UK clearing bank. This must be confirmed with the tenant/customer before the lease or berthing licence is signed.

It is important that the payment is made by the tenant or customer themselves and not by a third party on their behalf. Where it is proposed that payment is to be being made by a third party on behalf of our tenant or customer, the MLRO is to be advised. The MLRO will determine, based on appropriate customer due diligence, as to whether payment can be accepted or not.

Cash Payments

Cash, up to a maximum of £250 per transaction, can be accepted for retail transactions. Premier does not accept cash payments of more than £250 per transaction.

Payments in respect of property transactions or high value berthing cannot be made in cash in any circumstances.

The £250 per transaction limit also applies to linked transactions

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