3.5 What’s it got to do with me? Copy

You must read, understand and comply with the provisions of our Policy and any related policies, guidelines and training when you deal with information concerning individuals (Personal Data) in the course of your work for the Company.

Any disregard may result in disciplinary action under the Company’s disciplinary procedure which, depending on the circumstances, could amount to gross misconduct leading to your dismissal or the termination of your work contract with us as well as potential criminal liability.

At the very least, a breach of the Data Protection Legislation could damage our reputation and affect our ability to use Personal Data which would have serious consequences for our business.

The Policy is for all our staff, regardless of whether they are employees, workers, contractors or agency staff, and whether they are permanent or temporary staff.

The purpose of this course and our policy is to make you aware how we will handle your personal data.

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