5.1 How to ask for feedback


Well Training

As we know, feedback is an essential way in ensuring that we are doing the best possible job we can.

Well Training

Remember, just as your team and manager will asking you for feedback, you can ask them!

Well Training

Review the points below and consider, what else would you add to this list to ensure that you are getting the best possible feedback?

focus (1)

Be clear on the impact that you want this feedback to have for you.


Ask your team members to give you feedback on specific actions and behaviours.

clock (1)

Give the person you’re asking for feedback plenty of time! DO NOT expect them to give you feedback without time to prepare what they’re going to say!

eye-contact (1)

Only ask for feedback from people who have seen you in action! There is no use asking someone who has not seen you demonstrate a behaviour to give you feedback!

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